The Importance of the Eagle Ford Shale

For those familiar with all the large shale plays, the magnitude of the Eagle Ford Shale is likely not lost. One of the biggest shale plays, the Eagle Ford Shale is well-known to residents who live in south Texas. Stretching more than 400 miles long and 50 wide, its wells can even be seen from space, as NASA recently showed. Its name is a direct reference to the town of Eagle Ford, Texas where it can be seen as clay soil. Only recently discovered in 2008, the Eagle Ford Shale is generating buzz outside of the oil and gas industry. This output is incredible, and is boosting Texas oil production to a point that it goes beyond a national scale. If Texas were a country, it would be the 14th largest oil producing nation in the world.  Texas ranks first in oil production in the United States because of the Eagle Ford shale formation, according to the Institute for Energy Research.

Given its size, this shale play is significant enough to have attracted the interest of investors and oil & gas companies across the country as the play continues to hit record-high production numbers. Following is an excerpt from an article discussing the impact of the Eagle Ford Shale on Texas that was published in July 2013:

“In only 2-1/2 years, the Lone Star State has doubled its crude output, making it what (Mark) Perry dubs Saudi Texas and reversing a 23-year decline that fueled speculation that the maximum rate of petroleum extraction has been, or will soon be, reached.”

The Eagle Ford shale is changing the way companies are approaching their oil & gas investments, even going as far to devote more or the majority of their assets to the shale, as the Motley Fool reports,

Not only is the oil production in the Eagle Ford Shale helping the United States to surpass other countries such as Venezuela and Kuwait with significant crude oil output, but it also is dramatically impacting the counties that it encompasses, as the Seguin Gazette reports. Sales tax revenues are spiking in relation to the activity involving the Eagle Ford Shale.

In addition to contributing to the overall economic boom in Texas, oil and gas exploration and production in the Eagle Ford Shale is helping the local economic growth, as resources continue to funnel in to help further develop the towns that the shale touches. If you own royalty or leased non-producing minerals in the Eagle Ford Shale, take advantage of the prime market of this play while it’s hot and get in touch with us via the Contact Us form on this page, as we are actively acquiring interests in the major plays around the United States.

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