URC can help you sell mineral rights today!

Receive a lump sum cash payment today

If you sell all or a portion of your interest, you will receive an immediate lump sum cash payment instead of having to wait for your monthly revenue checks over time. Whatever the reason you may have to sell mineral rights, whether you need cash for medical or college expenses, paying off debt, buying a new home or car, or just for savings – we can help. We buy minerals and royalties across the country.

Depleting assets

Stop worrying about declining production. Oil and gas assets deplete over time resulting in smaller and smaller monthly checks. Eventually, all oil and gas properties stop producing.

Do your heirs a big favor

Eliminate the cost and hassle of hiring a lawyer to probate your interests and draft and record assignments from your estate to your heirs. If you have multiple heirs the cash flow to each heir may be trivial after your interest is divided.

Avoid the repercussions of Washington’s increasingly hostile view of oil and gas

The President and Congress continue to threaten not only to take away all tax incentives for the oil and gas industry but to impose new taxes on oil and gas production.

Eliminate your paperwork

Say goodbye to income tax forms (Form 1099s), property tax statements and payments and record keeping.

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